Universal Android Tips and Tricks All we should Know

Universal Android Tips and Tricks: Many of the people are using the Android smartphones in present days. Sometimes the individual’s initial experience may be terrible, but they are discovering the useful Universal Android Tips. Here is the article which will tell us about them.

Universal Android Tips and Tricks: All we should Know

1. For having better performance, we have to maintain it like a PC.

Horsepower and user finagling are necessary to run the Android phone smoothly. This Android phones can work better than the iOS. We cannot do the upgrades to the processors, but we can spend the time in optimising it. People have to tune up the Android devices.

It has several useful apps, and the All-In-One Toolbox is one among them. We can perform the processes like deleting the messages, apps and we can remove the widgets even without using the app. Users can end the unnecessary process on their own. Visit Settings, apps, and run them manually and so that we can remove much RAM which we can use Control+alt+delete on our PC.

2. Enjoy the Android’s customization potential benefits.

Many of the users will check the other Android phones to see how they configured it. They will set their home screen to appear like an iPhone.

Click on Apps page, and then choose the Widgets which is present at the top. There we will find all types of widgets, and we will get surprised to see the list of options before you.

3. Make sure that you get back your device if you lose it.

We have to improve the chances of returning our phone if you lost it by accident. For that, we have to visit ‘Settings’ and then tap on ‘Owner Information’. Edit the ‘Security Settings’. We can find the little box, and it is the place where we have to fill our contact information, and it will display on the lock screen. So it is easy for the good person to return our phone if they found it to the real owner.

4. Carry around multiple batteries.

If you had the various batteries, then charge them up and place them in your briefcase. Replace the old battery with the new one if the power runs out. This method will be helpful for us while travelling.

5. Keep your phone harder to break.

Here is the way to encrypt your phones. For that, click on the Settings and go to ‘Security’ and click on ‘Encryption’ and finally choose the ‘Encrypt phone’. So that, it will ask us to create the password which will survive as the pin. We have to use it every time while you turn up your phone.

Do the encryption if you contain the sensitive information on your phone. This process will take nearly an hour, and we have to do it through the factory reset. How fast you are to access the phone, it will get slower if you encrypt the information.

6. Try with various launchers.

We can install the ‘launchers’ on our Android phones. These are the necessary apps which will permit us to make the drastic edits to our home screen. One of the popular launchers is ‘Nova Launcher’. Using it, we can modify whatever we want. In addition to this, there are various launchers and try them till you find the appropriate one. They will make our phone to work faster when we compare it with the other interfaces like HTC and Samsung.

7. To start a search on the screen, say ‘OK’ to the Google.

People will do many searches using their voices (Voice Search). To enable it, click on the ‘Google Searches’ and visit the apps page and search for the ‘Google’ app. It will take us to Google if you once tap on it. Scroll it down, till you find the settings icon which is on the bottom right. Tap on that and choose ‘Voice’. Click on the ‘OK Google Detection’, and we have to activate it from the ‘From any Screen’ setting. Now, we can start any search simply by saying ‘Ok, Google’.

8. How to access the hidden developer options.

Users have to activate the ‘Secret’ developer mode to sense the Android customizability. Visit the settings and click on ‘About phone’ and tap on the ‘build number’ for seven times. Now our device will tell us that you are a developer. After that come back to the ‘System settings’ and click on ‘Developer options’. One thing that we can perform is that we can reduce the animations execution time. Finally, the phone can stay snappier.

Turn them on only it seems useful to you. Go to the ‘animation scale’ and turn off the unnecessary things. There are many customizations and install them just you know what to do with them.

9. See useful information on your lock screen.

We can keep the widgets on the home screen. The only doubt is how to make them visible if you had the lock screen. Don’t unlock your phone if you want to see the basic details. For that, click on ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Enable Widgets’.

Then, we have to visit the lock screen and swipe it to the left side. There we can see the ‘+’ sign. If you click on it, we will enter the screen where we can choose the widgets. Select them so that they can appear on our lock screen. Swift everything from e-mail to Google so that we can see the notifications regarding weather, messages etc.

10. You aren’t Stuck to the Google Play store.

If you want, we can also download the apps like ‘Amazon’ from the App Store. We can use the app named ‘App of the Day’ that the Amazon is offering to us. If we are lucky, we can win money using that Amazon app. We can get it at free of cost in that Amazon where it costs more in the Google Play.

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