How to use guest mode on Android Phone / Enable Guest Mode on Android

“Do not be nosey!” That’s what I was able to tell my friends when they borrowed my phone. Inevitably, they’d swipe through my photographs or set a ridiculous remark on my Facebook. However, you can stop this sort of intrusion by placing up a guest style or privacy mode on your Android cellphone.

How to use guest mode on Android Phone – Enable Guest Mode on Android.

How to use guest mode:

Not all Smartphones and  Android phones have guest mode capability. Not all of the Android telephones have guest mode capacity. Some that do are the Pixel as well as the Nexus.

Here is the method for the Pixel 2. Proceed into Settings > Users and reports > Users > Guest. As soon as you’re there, you can set up a profile by tapping Add new user > OK > OK. As soon as you have the new user setup, you can switch over to the guest mode by extending the notifications menu, tapping the icon of a human head (look for it from the date) and picking out the guest.

To set up a guest style together with the OnePlus 5T, tap the User icon (the individual inside the group) > Insert guest Profile. Now your Guest/ friend can use your phone without glancing at your stuff.

When your friend is completed on either telephone, tap User icon > Eliminate Guest > Remove.

If you allow the same person borrow your telephone over and above — and they don’t care about their information being in your phone — you can just leave your guest accounts and switch to your guest profile, when you tap on the User icon. The next time your buddy uses your telephone, merely tap the User icon > Guest User icon > Continue.

Turn on privacy mode

If your phone does not possess guest mode or runs something older than 5.0 Lollipop, do not despair. Other mobiles include a privacy mode that may hide your secrets.

On some phones you may go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Private mode. Then, toggle the Personal switch into On. To choose which files to create private, go to your files, select the data that you need to conceal, tap More and select Proceed to Private. Your documents are available only in your folder and can not be accessed with no phone’s password.

Other Android phones, like the Galaxy 8, do it a little differently. Proceed to Settings > Lock Screen and Safety > Secure folder. Then select a lock type which will protect your folder. Tap Add Programs or Insert Files to place things in your folder. Now, nobody can look at such things with no mic, lock password or pattern.

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