Gmail Go is almost same as original Android app but Half of it in Size

Gmail Go app download – Google’s Gmail Go is now available in the Play store for Android devices, bringing the majority of the performance of the original app while shaving off half the file size.

Gmail Go is almost same as original Android app

It is part of the organisation’s Go package of programs, which are intended to work well on low-end phones with low storage and memory. That, then, is part of this Android Go program, which provides a compact version of the OS to said handsets.

Based on Android Police, the lightweight Gmail Go is virtually identical regarding functionality and features from Gmail; the only significant distinction is that it is readily available for Android Go from Google Plan nonetheless, if your device is operating Android Oreo 8.1, you can sideload the app by installing it in APKMirror. You’ll locate the installer to be approximately 10MB lighter than usual Gmail at 9.5 MB; once installed, it requires up 24.8 MB — roughly half of Gmail’s 47.28 MB.

That raises the question: why does the first Gmail app require more space? It would be wonderful to see Google either make Gmail Move more broadly available to old devices running on storage, or deliver over some of its optimisations to the original app so more people may gain from having a little extra wiggle room — and possibly even snappier performance in their telephones.

Gmail Go is the most recent app in the search giant to become accessible on Google Play; it just started Assistant Go, and formerly published a document manager, a search app, and one for Maps — though that is only a progressive web program.

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