Best Android Tips Everything to know about them

Best Android Tips: Everything to know about them – Many of the people use the little operating system named Android. It contains various features, time-saving tricks and awesome hacks.

But the majority of the people do not know how to use them on their phone and tablet.Here is the article which will tell us android app tricks which we are not aware of.

Best Android Tips Everything to know about them

Best Android Tips: Everything to know about them

1) Enable Developer Mode

To enable it, we have to visit Settings and then click on the ‘About phone’. After doing this, we have to click on the phone’s build number for seven times. We can find the onscreen countdown, and after that, a message will come saying ‘Congratulations, now you become a developer.’

2) Modify the Animation Scales

Manufacturers include the slower processors and low storage capacity like 1GB or 2GB in the famous entry-level smartphones. So here is the solution to this problem. We can modify the features like ‘Transition animation scale’, ‘Animator duration scale’ which are available on our phone from 1x to 0.5x.

Visit ‘Settings’ and then go to the ‘Developer Options’. We will find all the essential options if we scroll down the list.

3) Clear App Defaults

It creates irritation when the link gets opened in some other app instead of opening in the browser. The link may be regarding the YouTube link, facebook page, and a tweet. It will continue till your phone creates some problem to the Chrome. Now we can fix this problem very easily.

Visit Settings and click on Apps. Observe the app which has opened and then scroll down and press on the ‘Open by default’. Finally, choose the ‘Clear Defaults’.

If this won’t work, then try the same thing using the browser app.

4) Quickly Change Your WiFi Network

Individuals confuse to change their WiFi network. It is straightforward and simple. For that, we have to open ‘Settings’ and then click on Wi-Fi. We have to modify it at that place. There is also another fast way to do this.

From the top of the screen, swipe it twice and so that, we can open the ‘Quick Settings’ menu. No need to tap on the WiFi icon. Instead of that, we have click on the Network’s name. Here it displays the list of networks which are available in our vicinity. It is possible only our Android version supports it.

5)How to access the Quick Settings Menu

No need to double swipe to access this Settings menu. We have to do the two-finger swipe.

6) Cast Your Screen

Using the cast function and if you are the Chromecast owner, we can mirror our Android screen and the apps.

Click on the ‘Quick Settings’ and then press the ‘Cast’. Our device will detect the Chromecast, and we can use it.

It looks good for us to show the playing games, photos regarding our family and friends on the larger screen with more speakers set. A dedicated cast button is present within the apps like YouTube.

7) Locate Annoying Notifications

You are getting the irritating app notifications and not getting which app is responsible for this, then here is the solution. Make a long-press on the notification. Our device will guide us.

8) Manage App Notifications

You can see the information icon after doing the long-press on the app. Click on it, we can find the notification settings, and in that, we can block the notifications. Keep it in a way to permit the priority mode and to hide the private details.

9) Priority Mode

On the whole operating system, we can find the Priority mode which is the underused and underrated feature.

It permits us to keep our phone in the quiet mode. Still, we get more ‘noises’ from it. They are caused may be due to calls, WhatsApp contacts, texts, notifications like an alarm.

The best solution for this is to visit the ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘Sound and Notification’. Finally, tap on the ‘Do not disturb’ and then choose the options which are essential for you.

We can do it on and off using the Quick Setting menu.

10) Map Zoom

To zoom it in and out, make a double-click on the screen.

11) Smart Lock

It is the useful option, and if we use it, there is no need to use the keypad lock.

Using the Smart Lock, we can use the GPS and some other networks. It will give the hassle-free experience, and we can do the things faster.

Go to the ‘Settings’ and visit ‘Security’. To set it up, choose the ‘Smart lock’.

12) Screen Pinning

If our kids are using our phones, we should stay careful as their eyes get a problem. So we have to pin the screen. For that, we have to enable the “Screen Pinning’ option. Go to Settings and click on the Security. By scrolling down, click on the ‘Screen Pinning’.

Open the app and click on ‘Overview’ button to pin the screen and icon.

If you are willing, we can select the PIN-protect for your pinned screen.

13) Secret Game

The most popular game on Android is Android Easter egg. Flappy Bird game relies on Lollipop and Marshmallow’s game. We can add the Android-related graphics to it. For that, click on Settings and then tap on ‘About phone’. Click on the version number regarding the device for various times. Depending on the operating system, we can see the lollipop and marshmallow. Tap on the centre to launch the game.

These are All Best Android Tips that we Believe Very Important to those Instants

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